saxophone, piano, flute, and clarinet lessons in Los Angeles


Years teaching: 2013 - present

  • Private Instruction

  • Substitute Teacher at Dave Jansen School of Music Simi Valley

  • Substitute Teacher at Your Neighborhood Music School Boyle Heights 


As a music teacher, Eddie draws from his own experience of being a student in understanding that each student is unique in what they want to learn and how they best learn. He is then able to create customized lesson plans that help each student reach their goals in a way that works for them. 

For each new lesson that he teaches, Eddie breaks the concept down into smaller concepts so that his students can master one skill at a time and ultimately piece everything together for a thorough understanding of the concept and development of the skill.

Eddie Pimentel is a 5 Star Music Teacher and Musician! As a music teacher myself I can say that Eddie Pimentel is the Best Choice around L.A. for saxophone lessons. I chose Eddie to teach my boy tenor sax and his playing improved over 100% after just a couple lessons! Eddie holds a very vast knowledge of the instruments he plays and he's a super patient teacher. He knows how to communicate to young players and is very concerned, attentive and persistent about getting results with his students. You won't find a more dependable or communicative teacher! He's my first choice on referrals for parents who ask me "who is a great sax teacher?".




Los Angeles, CA

Saxophone, Piano, Flute, Clarinet

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